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Pakta’s menu is based mostly on marine products. Pakta offers a  long experience that takes place in an adult environment and with a purely gastronomic approach.
For now, we do not serve reservations with baby carts.

In order to make a reservation, it is obligatory to accept these conditions and the cancellation policy.
Browse through the calendar until you find the desired date. It is necessary to make a prepayment of €50 per guest to confirm your reservation (online purchase). Once you have done so, you will receive a confirmation email.


Keep in mind that your menu begins to be prepared the day before under the purchase forecast according to the number of guests in your reservation.
At the moment we don’t have a la Carte option or alternative options for people that don’t eat sea products, vegan or vegetarian.

If you need to change the date or cancel your reservation after the notice period, you can pass your reservation to other diners to avoid that the seats are empty and you will be refunded the advanced amount of €50 per guest.
If you increase or reduce the number of diners, you will be assigned a table according to the change, whenever there is availability.



Book now Pakta


You can cancel your table and the amount of €50 per advanced diner will be refunded, as long as you notify us within the stipulated period.

Tables of 2 or 3 people: before 24h of the reserved time
Tables of 4 or 5 people: before 48h of the reserved time
Tables of 6 or more diners: before 72h of the reserved time

After the cancellation notice period, the advanced amount of €50 per guest will not be reimbursed.



Book now Pakta

Every day at 00:00 at night (Spanish time) we open reservations for one service in 60 days time. If you can not find availability, you can sign up for our waiting list. For groups larger than 8 people get in touch with

Check here the availability to reserve in our restaurant:


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